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PetSmart Charities and Miami Animal Rescue work as a close partners. Together since 2015, Miami Animal Rescue and two Kendall PetSmart stores adopted out thousands of rescue animals giving them a second chance in life. PetSmart helps us with a location for people to meet our rescues, food, and supplies. We are very grateful for their help and visibility they provide. 


Land and Sea Equipment sells all types of steel containers for export cargo and domestic storage.  Jon Simpkins is the owner and has been in business now for 23 years.

He can be contacted at (305) 499 - 9980. 


Jon is a huge animal lover and invites everyone to help sponsor Miami Animal Rescue's efforts to fight animal abuse and abandonment.  Land and Sea Equipment has regularly donated aid for animal surgeries, pet food, and pet care supplies. We really appreciate Jon's help and his mentoring support to help us save more lives.


Spot & Tango is focused on providing dogs with the highest quality, human grade meals excluding artificial additives, fillers, and inexpensive preservatives commonly found in commercial kibble. We appreciate the amazing UnKibble human grade dog food that they provide to our rescue and adoptees.

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