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Please see our adoption process below and let us know if you have any questions. We do not charge adoption fee for dogs but we do ask to prepay their first year medical package.


If you want to adopt a dog from Miami Animal Rescue, you will need to complete an application and once approved then you complete the adoption contract.


After you fill the application out and return it to us, we will review it and make sure you're a good fit for the a dog (do you have other animals, small children, allergies, do you have a yard, any association restrictions etc.)

Please note we have rather strict guidelines for adoption to ensure our animals are going to safe, loving, and stable homes.


You can pull the application and contract from our website, under FORMS and submit back to us to at

Once your application is approved, we organize meet and greet with your chosen animal. Puppies fostered at our Colorado ranch are scheduled for transport every 6 weeks or so...there is additional $300 fee for transportation if you are adopting a puppy from our Colorado Ranch.


COST: The cost of having a new puppy is quite high and can be difficult to manage. To offset these costs for new adopters, and to ensure the wellbeing of our animals, we offer our MEDICAL ADOPTION PACKAGE for $499. Each dog comes spayed/neutered if age appropriate, if not, we take care of it later - sterilization is required by the state. We work with Miami Dade Animal Services in Doral and the County Sterilization Clinic in Homestead.


Dogs come microchipped with FREE registration for life. They come dewormed with all rounds of age appropriate vaccinations for the whole year; rabies shot when age appropriate, 2 extra free vet visits, a bag of food, and over $300 in savings PetSmart coupon book.  And again - all that for only $499.


Please compare to the average vet pricing as we want our adopters to know the value, they are receiving through our Puppy Adoption Package average local vet pricing.


Each puppy needs:

  • 3 booster shots every 3 weeks that cost $125-$150 per visit at the vet. So that is $450 for first shots only.

  • Double deworming is $70-$100.

  • Neuter or spay is another $300-$550 depending on the vet.

  • Rabies shot and microchip another $80-$100.


Out of your pocket it would be around $1,000-$1,500 for the first several months depending on the vet.


In order to ensure puppies receive all the necessary medical care and avoid adopters not being able to afford the care, together with PetSmart, we created a wonderful adoption package for young pups that cuts the cost in 1/3rd.


Please note we are a non-profit 501c charity. Our adoption fees are the only source for feeding and vetting 100+ animals that we have at the rescue each month. We do not have a facility and we are 100% foster and volunteer based. With COVID-19 situation the cost of running the rescue and saving lives got significantly higher.

If you are ready to adopt, please visit our website, download the forms, and email it to ASAP!

We look forward to hearing from you!



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